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Okay, the needle wasn't ACTUALLY in my eye...I had flexible needles in both tear ducts to flush them. One was much harder to flush than the other. It seemed to be blocked and may have been part of the reason I had extra trouble with my eyes the past several weeks. The needles didn't hurt but they sure were scary when headed toward my eyes. WHEW!!!! Well, if I have to have it done again I know what to expect and with my eye troubles I probably WILL have to have it done again. What fun! I do have to say I have one of the best teams of doctors I could have I have a great PCP, opthamologist, psych doc and sleep doctor I can imagine. I feel very lucky because I have had some pretty crappy doctors in the past.

Well, we had rain, rain, rain yesterday and today has been chilly willy. BRRR!!!! It is going to get colder still. Autumn may have finally arrived. Yay and chatter, chatter, chatter go my teeth.

Steffie got to see her son today and had a great time. He is in Conway from San Antonio for a volley ball tournament and his first stop in the state was to see his mom for dinner. What a good boy!!! They had a good time catching up and enjoyed each others company. I am so happy for Miss Teffers.

Thanksgiving is coming up and we will be spending it with my mom, sister and BIL. My new SIL will go to her baby sister's for dinner and the "manly men" will be at deer camp. It will be a great day for all. I can't wait for some fried chicken and Brussels Sprouts. YUMMERS!!!!

This has been an interesting and great day. I never thought about having a needle stuck in my tear ducts and now I have a story to gross out my grandkids with who could ask for anything more.



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