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#NaBloWriMo ~ life is so ironic...

Just when I think that I am getting a handle on this crazy thing called life I find out that I am either totally out of my league or in the wrong ballpark. I don't understand how this happens. I am reasonably intelligent but find that my skills and training have not prepared me for every curve ball that is going to come my direction. I will say that I am almost blindly loyal, I have a heart that is simply too big and that I get blindsided far too often but then someone will come out of the blue with a "gift of kindness" and remind me why I keep on doing the things that I do. There are far more people who are kind and caring than there are people who are calloused and crude. I just need to focus on the good that I find and not let the barbs hurt me so very much. That is my lesson for today, tomorrow and all the rest of the days that follow. Amen!

I am not certain how many days into #NaBloWriMo I am. I did miss five days when my computer was on the fritz but I have gone 17 days now beyond the original deadline so I suspect that I am good. YAY!!!!

I need to focus on some of my writing blog posts again. I have to tell you that Lorca Damon is writing what promises to be a "kick a**" #NaNoWriMo novel. She has posted three snippets and I am amazed that I am being sucked into a sci fi/fantasy novel. Check her out at
http://lorcadamon.com.  She writes a wonderful blog.

Kathy Lynn Hall at Red Mojo Mama Musings writes an awesome blog about life and the wonders around us. She often converses with her MC "Red" and her blog posts are worth the time it takes to read them. She can be found att
http://redmojomama.blogspot.com .

Pauline Campos, the mother of Buttercup, and current resident of Tucson, Arizona writes about parenting and motherhood at
http://aspiringmama.com . Pauline is also featured regularly on the blog "An Army of Ermas," http://anarmyofermas.com . There are many fine bloggers on "An Army of Ermas" who talk about their lives as wives and mothers.

I could write about some more of the writers I enjoy but I will save that post of another day. I will close with my opening, "Life is so ironic!"



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