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My daddy used to sing a square dance "patter" (he was a square dance caller) with those words in it. As kids that one of our favorite patters, along with "King of the Road" and "England Swings." Square dance callers would take modern music and make a dance out of it. I don't know who came up with the original versions but daddy used to practice all of the time to get them right.

Anyway, back to the lightening, thunder, flooding, rain...it has been one heck of a day. We have ditches all around us but our house is on high ground. Thank goodness, we could have had flooding here otherwise. I always feel lucky that my house is just a little uphill.

The weather has been the story for the day, well that and my daddy having to have a doppler test done to check his arteries, my mom getting peeved with her orthopedist's office and mom having trouble with her phone lines and auction loading website. Never a dull moment around us. We may be falling apart physically but we are" feisty little so and so's" at the end of the day.

My new SIL is sick and it is the BIG DEER HUNTING WEEKEND!!!!! OH NO!!!! We don't celebrate Thanksgiving the traditional way, the men go hunting and we got to Golden Corral. Yee haw!!!! I get fried chicken and STEAK!!!!! My SIL is going to her baby sister's for Thanksgiving but is planning on going to the deer woods to be with the stinky old manly men types!!!! She is a brave woman!!!! She needs to get well so she can go. Hopefully she will recuperate fully and be able to hang with the dudes.

Well, the weather is supposed to dry out tomorrow afternoon, be nice for the most part Wednesday, Thursday and most of Friday and then Saturday, KABOOM...more rain. Those poor deer hunters will be saturated and even more stinky. I bet the deer stay in the thicket playing dominoes and spades! The deer are pretty smart!!!

Well, I guess you know what I know and that isn't much. Maybe tomorrow I will feature some more writers. We shall see!!!!

Hugs to all!!!!



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