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I am a pretty decent cook. I can take almost anything edible and make a meal out of it. Maybe I have gotten TOO cocky. I obviously can't make Hamburger Helper. Yes, that's right, laugh all you want to, I messed up Hamburger Helper. You see, I didn't read the directions. Ah, that is my great downfall...I don't read directions and I don't follow recipes.

Stephanie and I have been enjoying 3 cheese macaroni and cheese that comes boxed from Kroger. I do add a couple of slices of cheese for added creaminess and protein but other than that I just throw it together following my own designs at the time of cooking. 

I was at the dollar store a couple of weeks ago and found 3 cheese Hamburger Helper. We don't eat hamburger because Steffie is allergic to beef but I figured I would make it like I made macaroni and cheese out of the box. This is where I figured WRONG!!!! I ended up with an orange glop of goo that even I couldn't eat and trust me I will eat almost anything within reason. As I noticed the "macky cheese" was an unnatural shade of orange I looked at the directions and knew that there was NO going back. We would just have to try this putrid looking mass of bright orange gunk. It was a mistake to even try it. I should have just THROWN IT OUT!!!! It was nasty, it was worse than nasty, it was ultra nasty. I wasted about $2 dollars worth of food. I am SICK ABOUT IT!!!! Ahem!!!! Maybe this will teach me to read directions before I buy. Well at least for a few years I will remember the lesson, after 2015 or so I may forget to do this again! UGH!!! I hope not.

I did make Brussels Sprouts so we had Brussels Sprouts for dinner and I might still have a bologna sandwich. I think I have turned Stephanie off of food for at least the next 12 hours or so. Oh this was so tragic. I KNEW there was a reason that I didn't buy Hamburger Helper and now I know what it is, too much relies on following the instructions. I can't have that hampering my way of life.

Well, I have been humbled by this experience and will take heed if I decide to try something that different again. I don't do well with most boxed meals. I couldn't make Rice-A-Roni if my life depended on it. I don't bake because things have to be done a certain way at a certain time and I certainly don't make candy because I cannot stir that long and can never tell the difference between soft ball stage and hard ball stage.  Also, you have to really follow instructions for candy. I am doomed. It is probably good that the fat chick doesn't bake or make candy. I don't need to eat boxed meals any way (except for a few) and I should stick to my fruits and veggies with a side of protein. SIGH!!!!

It was a doomed dinner and that's all I have to say about that.



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Nov. 24th, 2011 06:13 pm (UTC)
Ahhhh, Hamburger Helper. I've been known to use it, but I do think the orange color is instructive in a scary, scary way about what's in the stuff that we might not want to know about. A friend of mine uses Tuna Helper with canned chicken breast to make a meal that Genevieve (and just about everyone else who tasted it) adored. If you'd like, I can ask her which kind of T Helper it is.

I've had my share of kitchen disasters, my fave being a strange lentil lasagna recipe I found in a local newspaper when we lived in Sunnyvale. It was totally inedible. The FH tried to make the kids eat it, and was shocked when I told him that we were going to toss it because it tasted like crap. I threw it on the compost pile, a fate which it justly deserved. I think I made breakfast for dinner that night.
Nov. 25th, 2011 01:18 am (UTC)
Thank you...
I appreciate the offer of getting the TH flavor that was good with the chicken. TH is often on sale for $1 and it makes a cheap meal. I don't make it with tuna though because Steffie does not eat hot tuna. So no tuna casserole here. LOL!!!!

Lentil lasagna huh, that sounds um, interesting. Glad you didn't make the kids eat it.


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