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Well, despite the fact that I am still embarrassed about my kitchen faux pas, I have moved on past the vat of orange glop to other things such as enjoying this beautiful albeit chilly autumn day. My time at home with little dog and Steffie, my mom hopefully getting some help with her back on Monday (it has been in excruciating pain for almost 7 months) and visiting with my baby sister, BIL, mom and Steffie. We had a wonderful dinner together at Golden Corral tonight and enjoyed each other's company. Earlier in the day my sister lost my BIL for a while and she almost had a nervous breakdown while looking for him because she was afraid he might have had a heart attack or insulin crash but fortunately he was just in the fabric store looking for her. She was so glad to find him okay that she didn't yell at him. I am sure he was grateful for same.

My son got a big buck today. He seems to be very happy about that. It has a nice rack on it. Good for him.

I hope daddy gets another deer this weekend. There is a buck he has his eye on. Hopefully he gets it. If one of the boys gets it, he will be proud for them but will secretly pout. He really wants that buck.

Daddy bought a turkey to take down to deer camp and is cooking up grub for the crew. I assure you that NO ONE will go hungry. Daddy is a good cook! I don't know who all is going to be a deer camp tomorrow but they will have happy tummies and hopefully will get in good hunts.

Well, I am looking forward to tomorrow even though for me, everyday is Thanksgiving. I try to practice an attitude of gratitude and it usually gets me through each day pretty well, even when I do make orange glop!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!



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