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Miss Teffers and I got up early today, went to the grocery store, got the makings for turkey burgers among other things and then later planned our attack for TURKEY BURGERS!!!! We don't need a bunch of turkey and jazz, we are happy with burgers. Our turkey burgers were awesome. They tasted great and little dog even begged a bite or two from each of us. Teffie has been wanting turkey burgers for quite a while so we took the plunge and celebrated Thanksgiving with turkey burgers.

We had our dinner with family last night at Golden Corral so we could avoid the crowds today. It was a great idea because we got to chill out for the holiday. We had a wonderful time with my mom, sister and BIL last night. It was an awesome dinner and no one had to wash dishes. How cool is that!!!! I, of course, had the traditional fried chicken and steak for my Thanksgiving dinner. It was awesome.

Today after going to the store was just kick back time. We did stuff online and then took naps. After our naps we had dinner and then after dinner we had ice cream. YUMMERS!!!!

Just for the heck of it I read about places that were going to be open to serve Thanksgiving dinner, one of the restaurants was having 3 seatings with dinner at EIGHTY FIVE DOLLARS A PERSON!!!! OMG, you could feed a whole family for $85 dollars and help them have money for a few more meals too. How crazy is that? I bet they were packed. We should have driven by to see if they were busy or if they just has all this expensive food hanging around. Geez Louise!

I prefer our humble feast of turkey burgers and ice cream. It was consumed thankfully and thoughtfully. That is what the day is about, being thankful for what we have and practicing an attitude of gratitude.



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