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This is mostly about puppy dog tails really. Little dog has been Miss Luv Bug USA today. She has been a good little napper. She has been loving, cuddly and tried to slip in some puppy smooches. She got a few bites of venison tonight and that made her VERY happy. This one little dog who LOVES venison. She was my BESTEST friend at dinner time. She can still smell the venison gravy in the air and has accused me of holding out on her but little dogs only need a little venison or they will get the "trots" if you know what I mean.  Of course, Miss Jezzi Belle doesn't care if she gets the trots because she doesn't have to clean them up all she cares about is getting more than her fair share of venison. What a dog!

Jezzi got a little spooked when the rain picked up and got kind of hard a few hours ago. She thought it meant that a storm would blow through with thunder and lightening but she was glad that we didn't get the light and sound show. Jezzi does NOT like thunderstorms at all.

As mentioned before she has been a luv bundle. Every time I'd get out of my chair she'd get up in it wagging her little tail waiting for me to come back and love on her. She likes her "lubbins!" Jezzi gives as good of "lubbins" as she gets. You just have to watch out for her licky toungue. She can be a tricky one and swack you with her tongue when you least expect it. Little stinker, I threaten to chop off that tongue but she doesn't care she knows I am just full of hot air and wouldn't do a thing to hurt her, not intentionally anyway.

Well, what could have been a dreary November Saturday was brightened up by the love and merriment of one little dog.



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