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Now I don't look as good at present as I do in my Sesame Street Ninja headband, I was a few pounds lighter there and my cheeks weren't so round and blotchy but I sure look cute in my crocheted silk hat, that is multi-colored, and in my sock monkey hat that my Chrissie knitted for me. I need to get pictures of me in these hats and add them to my pictures for my avatar. A picture or two of the grandchildren would be nice as well. I am rather fond of those grandbabies. They have my heart.

Today was a chilly but good day. My mama finally got a shot in her back and it seems to be helping so far. I hope that it eradicates her pain for a long time to come. I only want her to feel good. She has had such a hard way to go. Stephanie and I also went to Kroger's and bought a few groceries. We can only buy a little at a time because we can only handle so much shopping and then carting groceries in the house to be put away. Oh yes, we also went to the drug store and got our prescriptions. Do we lead exciting lives or what! Yee haw!!!!

Steffie and I were going to go to the nursing home tomorrow to decorate her mama's room for Christmas but Steffie's knees are giving her fits, the boot on her left for for the ruptured Achilles Tendon is taking its toll on her knees because it has her off balance. She is going to rest up tomorrow so we can go to the nursing home on Wednesday. We will get the room all gussied up and ready for the holidays.

We heard from Chrissie today and she is going to take us to Fu Lins's for Christmas dinner. That will be nice. We enjoy Fu Lin's! It will be a lovely treat.

This Friday my baby boy will turn 34. I don't think I will get to see him on his actual birthday but I am going to see if it is possible. I have a really cute Christmas present for him. I hope he likes it. If I can't see him Friday, I will try for Wednesday or Thursday after work. I have to wish happy birthday to my little boodie boo!

Well, I will close for now. It has been a long day but a good one nevertheless.



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