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As most of you know I have been writing #NaBloWriMo posts for almost 2 months (I missed 5 days when the computer was in the shop). I just found out about #NaBloPoMo yesterday and it is basically the same thing only it seems that the focus is on December with people participating all year long. I considered adding the #NaBloPoMo hashtag to my titles and posts but have decided that #NaBloWriMo is enough for me and I have maintained commitment to writing for two months and will just keep up the work I have been doing. It seems to have served me well. I like the hashtag #NaBloWriMo better anyway but that's just me.

Tomorrow is the last day for #NaNoWriMo, think I can whip out 40K words in one day while going to the nursing home to decorate Miss Teffer's mom's room. I don't think so. I really did let go of #NaNoWriMo early on. I haven't quit working on my story but maybe I can finish it in time for #JulNoWriMo, you don't have to have a virgin novel or even fiction for #JulNoWriMo so I think I am setting my sights for it this year.

Speaking of sights...I found out that my granddaughter has a pink camouflage .22 caliber rifle with a scope on it. My goodness, I thought she might get a Red Ryder BB gun this year and the girl (5 years old) already has a .22 caliber rifle. If that don't beat all, I don't know what does.  She's going to be her daddy's little hunting buddy for a while anyway. I wonder what her sister, Jessbo will think of hunting. Jess is just a year old, I think she will have to wait for a while.

Last night someone or something knocked our BIG trash bins over and Steffie had to pick them up this morning. Tonight, someone knocked the empty bins over and sent one into the ditch. Somehow, Steffie, orthopedic boot and all got it out of the ditch. I don't know who is acting so trashy but they need to knock it off. I don't cotton to people messing with me or my stuff. (BTW, accusing someone of acting "trashy" was not a pun or play on words, that's just how they are acting is like white trash.)

I talked to Sean Bear tonight and we are going to take him his birthday present Thursday evening. Sean if you are reading this you will get no hints on the blog you will just have to wait and see what you got. How is that for being mean to a 34 year old boy? ;-)

Well, I guess I am done for the day. Have a good one!



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