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#NaBloWriMo ~ oh what a day!!!!

Today we went to the nursing home to decorate Steph's mom's room. Steph's mom wasn't doing very well today so we just decorated her room and didn't stay long. Her side of the room does look cheery and ready for Christmas though. The CNAs at the nursing home were taking good care of Steph's mom, feeding her ice cream and putting "bumper pads" on her bed so she didn't hurt herself. She also got her flu shot today or yesterday. With her emphysema we don't want to take any chances on her getting the flu and becoming more ill.

Later we went to visit my son, Sean Bear to give him his birthday present. Tomorrow he will be 34 but will be off to the deer woods tomorrow night so we came to see him tonight. He got a "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree" for his birthday present and really seemed to like it. That was nice.

It seems that Patricia, Sean's wife, has a strained Achilles tendon and she got put in an orthopedic boot today so she and Steffie were "twinkies" but we hope that Patricia will be in her boot a lot less time than Stephanie has been, after all Patricia has a one year old, five year old and twelve year old to keep up with at home (not to mention Sean). She also teaches pre-K so she needs to be on the ball and can't be slowed down for too long.

Steve, Sean's father was there tonight too grinding up deer sausage. Sean had done the prep work and Stephen was doing the grinding. The make a great sausage making team. It was delish! We got samples because Sean made sausage and eggs for dinner. Did I say that they were tasty? Well the patties were very good. Sean and Steve make a good sausage making team.

Jessica, the one year old was a cute little pistol tonight and had fun playing and being just darned cute. She was very open and loving.

Kimberley, the five year old came home with her friend Emma from gymnastics. Emma's dad Alan picked her up while we were visiting. He was taken in by the "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree" too. He seemed to want one as well. LOL! Kimberley made sure she got her share of attention. She is a little diva and will not be denied her just due of attention. She did a good job playing with Jessica though. I was proud of her for that.

Nicholas, the twelve year old wasn't around much but he sure is growing. We got his basketball schedule today and will have to make arrangements to attend some of his games. I will need to find out how much they cost.

The kids have busy schedules with sports, dance, gymnastics and hunting. I don't know how Sean and Patricia keep up with it all AND work full time. WHEW!!!

We are scheduled to go to Sean and Patricia's for dinner and Christmas presents on the 21st of December. That is a perfect day and I am excited that we have a date set. YAY!!!

I guess that is all for today!!!!



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