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#NaBloWriMo ~ oh, my goodness...

Well yesterday Steffie's mom did not look well at all, today she was sent to the emergency room all the while throwing fits. She was very delirious and did not cooperate at all with the ER staff so she was sent back to the nursing home. There they managed to give her a shot to calm her down and were testing her for a UTI and sepsis. She was so very sick. They were starting her on a very strong antibiotic and hopefully that will nip the problem in the bud.

Steffie is calling the nursing home for yet another update as I write. I hope she gets some good news. In some ways her mom is very frail and in other ways she is very strong.  It turns out that she had a a UTI with four different types of bacteria. No wonder she was so delirious. It took six nurses to get the urine for the UTI test, although she had the medication to calm her down.

Steph's mom has been the story for the day. We did cash in the free pizza I won from Papa John's because after all the hoopla we needed some kind of break. The pizza was good and helped raise the serotonin and endorphin levels in our brains. We needed the "food drugs." It was a great treat.

I am glad that Steph's mom does not have sepsis and that she is going to be okay. We need all the good news we can get. A bad UTI in a elderly person is nothing to sneeze at but we are glad that it isn't worse.

I guess I will close with my good news.



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Dec. 3rd, 2011 05:38 pm (UTC)
Oh wow. I've never heard of anyone being delirious from a UTI! I hope Steffie's mom gets better real quick. Whew. :(

You are the winning machine, aren't you? Maybe you should go for a Hawaiian vacation or something! :D
Dec. 4th, 2011 02:42 am (UTC)
UTIs are one of the main causes of delirium in a nursing home. If your mom gets extremely delirious have her checked for a UTI. It is like an epidemic among the elderly especially women.

As for winning, I am just lucky. I really need to buy a few lottery tickets. If I hit the lotto life would be a lot easier. I could pay bills without holding my breath every month. LOL!!!

Hugs to you,

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