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#NaBloWriMo ~ freezing out...

Well, I do declare winter is coming things are mighty frosty with just a touch of heat. Sound like a contradiction well, if you lived in board world you would understand. It never fails but what things are going along SMOOTHLY then WHAM someone has to be a horse's patootie! So while some people get frosty toward each other, there are hot heads hashing things out that are best left unsaid. I don't know why the relative anonymity of the internet seems to give people free rein to act like a**hats! I try to avoid such discussions but there is one going on at a board I visit that I'd like to said a word or two about but it wouldn't make a bit of difference and would probably tick some people off so there you go. I am staying out of the frozen fire.

As for life at SageMoon Cottage it was a cold and wet day today. BRRRR!!!! Maybe tomorrow will be a little warmer with some sunshine. I am not much on the sun but I don't like being cold either. The sun can shine while I am in the house. That plan works. LOL!!! We have some errands to run tomorrow and I hope the weather is better than today. Yes, I do.

I am having serious anxiety attacks for some reason. They need to go away. I have enough to deal with in my life without anxiety attacks too. I had one wake me up at abput 4:45 this morning and then again around 8:30 in the morning. I have been anxious all day. It really chaps my fanny. I do not like anxiety at all. BLARG!!!

I think it is because of the chill and dampness but everyone at SMC has been kind of laid back and low key. We had a nice quiet dinner and actually watched some television because we were watching for a commercial that features my SIL's company. It was a good commercial. It made me want to get a car wrap just too. I think they are cool beans anyway.

Well, not much else to say!



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