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What a dilemma! What a headache!!! The only TWO teams to beat my beloved RazorPorkies this year are playing each other for the National Championship. Where is the justice? Why do I ask that question because Arkansas is only rated number six AND LSU and Alabama can't BOTH lose, one of them will emerge victorious. I would like to see BOTH teams get their fannies whooped but that ain't gonna happen in this lifetime, so I get to say that no matter WHO wins, the SEC reigns supreme. I like the sound of that.

I don't have anything personally against the Tide or the Tigers except the fact that they beat my Porker boys and I like to see my boys always win, win, win!!!! It is as simple as that. The National Championship game ought to be one brutal game that shows the mettle of both teams. We will see how it all comes down. I won't be watching because my heart can't take that kind of action. I will get occasional updates on ESPN! That's good enough for me.

Well, today's big news is all about football. Who is playing what bowl? Where are the different coaches moving around to coach?  Who is going to win the LSU vs. Alabama re-match? Oh yes, we covered that one didn't we. LOL!!!

Arkansas State University won the Sunbelt title outright this year. They went 8-0 in conference play. They have a berth in the GoDaddy.com Bowl (Remember when we had the Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl, Rose Bowl and Cotton Bowl.) Some bowls have come and some have gone but really the GODADDY.COM BOWL, really? I am happy that the Red Wolves get to play in a bowl game and I am sorry that they will have to do it without their head coach Hugh Freeze, who is now going to coach Old Miss who recently let go Houston Nutt who once coached the University of Arkansas. Does this all sound incestuous to you. It does to me.

Frankly, I want to see the Pork boys win the Cotton Bowl and the Red Wolves win the GoDaddy.com Bowl (really I have trouble typing that with a straight face). Then I am going to leave aside all of the rest of the college football hoopla and see how Super Bowl 46 shakes out to see who will be playing. It ought to be an interesting time or not, only time will tell.

In the mean time I am going to see who goes where as far as coaching staff goes and hope that we get a good head coach for ASU. In the meantime:



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