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#NaBloWriMo ~ life at SageMoon Cottage

Today was a pretty day outside. Stephanie and I went to run a passle of errands, then came home to wait for my nephew Houston to come look under the house to see if he saw Jane's body. He said he saw a LIVE skinny little gray cat and at first we were excited but it turned out that he doesn't know much about cats. It was Sparky, Jane's sister who was under the house. Sparky is not skinny she is fluffy like a lynx right now. It was heartbreaking to think that Jane might be alive but needing care but at least he didn't find a body for us to worry about decomposing under the house. Jane, whose picture is on this post, must have crawled away and died somewhere. I suspect we will never find her little body to bury with her Tony. She loved Tony so much, part of me wonders if she died of a broken heart. She was fourteen years old, was an outside cat and lived a good long life. She is missed. She was a precious baby girl.

Sparky seems lost without Jane. We are trying to help her with the transition. There is no way to explain to her that Jane is just gone. They both saw Tony and knew that he was dead. They seemed to understand that.

We have lost three cats this year. They were all over the age of 13, two were 14. They all were loved and cherished. It has been a hard year.

We are glad to still have Sparky, who is a love bug. She likes to "make biscuits" on you and will live pricker marks all over you when she does it. That girl has some sharp claws. LOL!!!

Life goes on at SageMoon Cottage. We will "buck up" and remember Jane but also remember that none of our babies live forever. It is a sad but true fact.

I have had many wonderful notes from friends about Jane's passing and I appreciate it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!



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