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It has been snuggy in the house but outside is another matter. We are getting below freezing at night and the days are brisk and chilly. I just watched a news report about the Polar Bear plunge tomorrow. There is no way I could do that. I will donate money but I couldn't run into cold water. I'd probably have a heart attack. I commend those brave souls who are so committed to the Special Olympics that they take the plunge. My hat is off to them.

Today was a low key day. My great accomplishments were washing dishes and cooking dinner. Woo hoo!!! LOL!!! At least I got something done. My depression has been really bad since the end of October, beginning of November and it concerns me. I haven't been depressed this long in quite a while. I may have to increase my anti-depressants but in the meantime I am fighting the good fight. Depression is a devastating illness. It almost destroyed me once. I will not let it get that out of hand again. I am a fighter. Biochemistry is just not my friend. In the meantime I keep putting one foot in front of the other. That is all I can do but I do it every single day.

The loss of Jane at this time has made things a little worse but I am through the worst part of that now. I haven't spent all day crying and I can look at her picture and smile with the love I had for her sweet little self. She was such a precious cat. I will miss her a lot.

I haven't done any writing that past few days except for my blog but by golly I keep writing my blog. That is amazing for me. I haven't missed a day since October first except the days the computer was out of commission. I know I keep saying that but it is important that I chronicle how faithful I have been to the #NaBloWriMo process.

I got a gift today from a friend in Canada. It is a faux alligator handbag and is really nice. I can't wait to change into it. It has been in her house and smells of smoke so it is being aired out right now.

I guess I don't have much more to allow so I will say,



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