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#NaBloWriMo ~ a semi-rainy day...

Today was supposed to be very rainy but we dodged a bullet and had only a semi-rainy day...tomorrow is supposed to be rainy too but Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be nice before the rain returns on Monday and Tuesday. It is the rain season folks but as long as the weather stays above freezing and we don't have ice or snow I am good to go, rain away little clouds, rain away!!!

I am sure that people doing last minute holiday shopping will not be thrilled with all of the rain but they'd like ice and snow even less so let's call this one a draw. Speaking of Christmas shopping, I am officially done with shopping and we just need to wrap a few presents and take care of some Christmas cards. Yes, I am behind on my Christmas cards, they will be more like Twelfth Day cards but they will get out this year or my name's not Phil Donahue. Oh wait, my name is NOT Phil Donahue, it is Ardee Eichelmann so I may be in luck. LOL!!!! (BTW, I have sent out Groundhog Day cards before. I am SO bad with Christmas cards. :( )

Tonight we made French Toast for dinner. It took BOTH of us to make a small batch of French toast. I don't know how my mom and dad managed to make French Toast for the whole family. They deserve gold stars or something. I am just not that good at standing and cooking. I used to be, I could do it with the best of them but my body says, "No more Bozo" or as Steffie would say, "That's Bozette to you!"

The French Toast was delicious. Too bad it is so hard on us to make it. We'd enjoy it more often. It was super nummy delicious. I wanted more but I didn't need it and sure as heck wasn't capable of cooking it so that little fantasy flew right out of the window.

Tomorrow we are going to the grocery story for dog food and toilet paper among other little items, like bread. Isn't this thrilling don't you feel like you have your finger on the pulse of life at SageMoon Cottage? Be still your beating heart.

I guess I have shared all the joy I have to toss around this evening. I probably should be writing about writing but well I can only do so much of that before I begin to bore myself. DO NOT TALK ABOUT MY EVERY DAY BLOGS BEING BORING!!!! THEY ARE SCINTILLATING!!!  Whew, glad I got that out of my system I really do need to write about Eden Baylee, L.M. Stull and Barbara Conelli. They are some awesome authors I want to introduce you to so I need to get my author hat on and write about writers anyway. I also need to write about Heidi Sutherlin. She has released a book recently and it promises to be a winner.

This is all for tonight, tweedle dee, tweedle dum...we happy little campers, tweedle dee, tweedle dum!



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