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Earlier today I had originally planned to write more about writing but that plan got blown out the window because I am so tired that I am about to fall asleep right on top of my keyboard. Is that tired or what? LOL!!!! I almost forgot to do a blog tonight but I remembered before crawling into bed so here I am writing away and trying to make some modicum of sense. Tomorrow I may regret having blogged in this much of a stupor! Thanks heaven for spellcheck!!!

Today we celebrated Christmas with Zyoh and James. It was a pleasant outing. We had Chinese at our favorite Chinese restaurant and THEY PAID!!!! How awesome is that!!! Woo hoo!!!! We exchanged Christmas presents and I got a whole case of my favorite holiday blend tea, Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride. That tea with a little evaporated milk added to it tastes like cookies and milk without all of the calories. How awesome is that!!! Thank you Celestial Seasonings and thank you Zyoh. She is the one who picked that out. We also got a 24 pack of toilet paper for Christmas, talk about your useful handy presents. This will help tide us over with the snow and ice come because they will come and we always need toilet paper around snow and ice time. It was a wonderful gift. Stephanie got some gel pens in 56 colors and a great book/journal set for deconstructing and making art projects out of, it was a great gift for her.  We got Zyoh and James a bed set that prevents bedbugs and is good for allergies. Zyoh travels a lot and since bedbugs are becoming more prevalent we decided that prevention would be a good thing. It isn't an exciting Christmas present but is useful and sometimes useful trumps exciting. You know what I mean jelly bean.

The little dog was a love bug last night and today. After I signed off the computer last night to prepare for bed, she was in my easy chair wagging her tail wanting some lubbinns! I got in the chair with her and she was just beside herself. After a while she got down and went to bed but she sure was cute when she enticed me to come pet her.  She has spent a lot of time in my lap today. She is a love girl. That little Jezzi is really something and I am glad she is here to love on us.

Jane the cat keeps getting better. We are so relieved. It was a scary situation when we thought we had lost her and we are glad that is not the case. You'd have to know Jane to know just how loving her wild little half feral self can be. She is a sweet baby doll.

Tomorrow we go to see Stephie's orthopedist. She hopes her boot comes off because it is wearing out and wearing her out too. She has been wearing it for two months now. That is quite a while. I know other people wear orthopedic devices longer than two months but this is really taking a toll on Steffie's knees because of the lack of balance. Hopefully she will be set free.

I don't really have much more to say, so I will close with:



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