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#NaBloWriMo ~ the art of writing a blog...

Sorry, I just made myself laugh out loud. I couldn't write a post on the "art" of writing a blog if my life depended on it. I do good to just plaster something on the page and call it good to go. Sometimes I am just a nerd but that's okay, I am a harmless nerd.

Today we went to see Steffie's orthopedist. She has been released from the BOOT!!! YAY!!!!! She will wear it on Christmas because we will have to do so much walking at the nursing home and her ankle is still very weak. Steph will start PT probably after Christmas to strengthen her ankle so she won't be at risk of re-injury. She will attend PT every 2 to 2 1/2 weeks for a while to get her back to 100%. This has been a long haul. Teffer's is glad to be out of the boot but is feeling vulnerable. I will be glad when she is back to her old self again.

Tonight we had ice cream for desert. As I was eating my ice cream the little dog got into my lap and TRIED TO EAT MY ICE CREAM!!!! Bad little dog!!!! What was she thinking???? She had her own Ice cream. I am glad I saved my ice cream from a dog lick. Ack, dog germs!!!! Naughty little dog!!!!

I am still feeling oh so tired. I went to be early last night but was still "fashed" today. I don't know WHAT this is all about. Hopefully I will get a good night's sleep tonight and will be better in the morning. Blah, blah, blah!!!!

I hope that you all are doing well and that this week is being kind to you. The holidays are a difficult time for many and I wish you only the very best.



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