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#NaBloWriMo ~ well I missed last night...

I missed posting last night because I didn't feel good. Tonight I am just tired. We visited the grandchildren, DS and DDIL so we could do Christmas with them. Sean cooked dinner. It was great. We had grub sandwiches, as in "this is good grub," tortellini soup and broiled scallops. Talk about delicious. Sean is really a good cook.

We didn't see much of Nicholas because he was playing a video game with friends. The friends were at their houses, it is some kind of game that connects players from other locations. Kimberley and Jessica were little rooster poots. Jessica was dancing around and into everything. You should have seen that girl eat. For a 15 month old she was gamming down. Kimberley was cute as she could be. She had to make sure she got as much attention as little Jessica did. It was a night to remember.

All the kids liked their Christmas gifts, Kimberley tried on all of her Princess high heels at least twice. Jessica tried to munch on her Jack-in-the-box and Nicholas liked his Dallas Cowboys Beach Towel. It was a fun night watching the kids.

We also watched, "A Christmas Story," while there. It is mine and Sean's favorite Christmas movie. It is such a hoot in a handcart.

After we left Sean and Patricia's we went looking at Christmas lights. The lights on Capitol Avenue are no longer put up and that is a disappointment but it seems that the little trees are now gone. That is too bad it was pretty driving up Capitol Avenue with the little trees lit up as you headed toward the capitol. There were a lot of nice lights in Hillcrest so we enjoyed them a lot. We didn't think about going to the River Market District until we were almost back in Hillcrest.

It was a fun day and much better than yesterday when I felt so yucky. I am glad it wasn't a bug and that I got to see the family and do Christmas with the grands.



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