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#NaBloWriMo ~ low key day...

Today was a very low key day. It was cloudy and quiet. It was chilly too but not really cold as our temperatures have been a few degrees higher than normal. We have stayed in the low 50s and high 40s. If I wasn't so cold natured these days I wouldn't complain at all but for some reason I tend to stay chilled to the bone even when it is 70 in the house. I am either 70 and hot or 70 and cold. It is so weird. I should be getting used to it but that just isn't happening. For example, I am sure it is in the mid 40s outside and it is 70 inside but my feet are freezing so I will have to put some socks on. I just don't get it. Ah well, that is internal thermostats for you...they are unreliable.

The little dog hasn't had enough sun lately and has been sleeping a lot. It is supposed to be sunny on Christmas day so hopefully she will get her batteries recharged. She looks so sad when she doesn't get enough sun. Bless her heart!

Stephie fixed dinner tonight. It was a tasty meal. I washed dishes and she cooked. There's a deal for you.

Not much to do tomorrow. We will probably run to the grocery store to get a few things and then will be home the rest of the day. Saturday we are going to my brother and SIL's for the family shindig and then Sunday we are going to the nursing home to see Stephanie's mother. Not a whole lot going on that is for sure.

Next week will be quiet except for running some errands. I like peaceful quiet days. It helps me to recharge my batteries.

Not much else to say except,



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