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#NaBloWriMo ~ Rain, Rain, go away...

It has rained all day today. It made for great sleeping weather but I think that my toes are beginning to web. Fortunately most of the week is supposed to be dry so we can get some things done without getting soaked. YAY!!!!

I have spent some time on line today, cooked dinner and washed the few dishes that were in the sink. It was a very low key day. I have enjoyed the peace and quiet. Last week was a pretty busy week for us so we are looking forward to some downtime. We are into DOWNTIME!!!! LOL!!!!

The little dog slept almost all day long. She thought it was good sleeping weather too. She snuggled under her blankies and snoozed away. What a great way for a sweet little dog to spend the day.

I can't believe all of the people who braved the bad weather to go out and shop today. I guess bargains are worth getting wet for to some people. I didn't have any money to spend anyway so it worked out that I just stayed at home and chilled out. (Literally, it was chilly with all of the rain!)

Tomorrow we will run a few errands and then Wednesday we will run a few more, after that it will be time to stay home. YAY!!!

My son posted videos of my granddaughters playing in their Disney Princess hut on Facebook yesterday. They were so cute. He also posted videos of the cats playing with it too. Everyone seems to have gotten in on the act.

Well, not much else to talk about tonight. Later this week I will be looking ahead to 2012. I am hoping for some spiritual and emotional changes over the next year. I will chat about that later.

Until then,



Dec. 28th, 2011 02:30 pm (UTC)
I don't get the Boxing Day rush for more and more stuff, really. It's not just that it's the day after Festivities, which is a good reason to rest anyway, but there are so many people out there shopping. That's a good reason to stay home in my book--and I got paid that day!


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