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#NaBloWriMo ~ today was a better day...

Well yesterday was a pretty sucky day! Today wasn't a whole lot better but it was better in some ways. I enjoyed time with my Steffie and the little dog. The neighbors across the street turned their Christmas lights on, as did the neighbors down the street. The little guy who lives catty corner from us had his Christmas tree on. I am not much on decorating for Christmas but I like to see the lights and trees at other people's houses. It just makes me happy.

On the news tonight one of our anchormen, Craig O'Neil did one of his "Craig's Twist" commentaries about what you would like to burn and destroy from 2011. He had a good list and some great comments from listeners, I personally would like to "burn" negativity. I don't like being surrounded by it. I find it depressing. I am an optimist and try to surround myself with optimists but there are some in my circle who like to carry grudges and "chips on their shoulders," I find this very discouraging. I try to forgive people and move on. Some people I know make this difficult but nevertheless I make the effort. I want to wipe out the negativity in my life and in those around me.

I got a little "oomph" in my step tonight, cooked dinner and washed dishes twice. There were only a few bowls and some silverware both times but I like getting my sink cleaned out and empty before the morning. It makes me happy to see a clean sink. I made potatoes with eggs for dinner tonight. It was delish. I made it in my  new Paula Deen non-stick frying pan that was a gift from a friend. It was easy to cook and clean up. Tomorrow we will eat leftover spaghetti sauce with rotini for dinner. I am looking forward to that.

Tomorrow is supposed to be nice and warm, we will go to the drug store, post office and Fed Ex. We might go to the grocery store also, we need some frozen vegetables and other grub. We are getting low on groceries. That tends to happen at the end of the month.

I have had a pleasant evening with my Steffie, she is such a sweetheart and makes me smile even when it is hard to do so. That by itself makes the day a little better.

Have a good evening,



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