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Okay, so that was a bit much excitement for the second day of the year but if we aren't enthusiastic then we are just wet dishcloths. I prefer to have some zing in my step than to just blah, blah, blah around.

I didn't do anything exciting today except shiver. It was a chilly day and my internal "therm-o-meter" isn't working great so I am cold most of the time. That is so not fun. I thought it was hard being HOT all of the time until my body turned to frozen tundra and then I decided that it was worse to be a chilly willy!!!! BRRR!!!!

The highlight of my day was a video that my son put on the internet of the baby granddaughter all tangled up in a BUNCH of helium balloons. She was so cute and so funny. It made me laugh many times. Little Jessbo is a hoot. Her sister is ladylike but Jessbo promises to be a hambone. LOL!!!!

I have been reading the resolutions of those who make them and the scorning of resolutions by those who don't. I am on the don't side of making resolutions but I cheer on those who make resolutions. I wish them well. I see the whole year as an opportunity for growth and change, not just one day out of the year so I try to better myself with every passing day. Some days I succeed and some days I don't but it is always an opportunity just waiting to happen.

Tomorrow we are going to the post office and Fed Ex, doesn't that sound like fun. I can hardly wait. Woo hoo!!!! I have to get the package ready to mail that I am shipping tomorrow sometime tonight. Nothing like putting things off till the last minute.

I don't have much else to say today. It was just a lovely low key day.



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