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#NaBloWriMo ~ time for a haircut...

I just got my hair buzzed in November and it is already getting the, "I'm too long and have bedhead," thing going on. What's that all about? I am going to get it shaved next time it gets cut. I don't have the money to get haircuts every two months. I need it to last at least 4 months. Of course, the fact that I wear a hat in the house because I am cold and have head gear for my C-PAP on every night don't help my "lovely" hair in the least. Ah, it is always something. LOL!!!!

Today was chilly, last night was downright cold, it got down to 22. BRRR!!!! Today we went to the post office and to ship Tony's CHRISTMAS present to him. We are a little behind schedule. Gotta' love us, LOL!!! The sun was out and it was pretty even though it was chilly. I do have to say the weather is moderate for early January. I can't complain too much.

The little dog found one of her "hidden" dog food dishes (the plastic thing the dog food comes in) and started playing "hockey" with it which usually means FEED ME NOW!!!! So being the good grannie that I am, I fed her. Well, she STILL hasn't eaten what I fed her and that was three hours ago. She psyched me out. Naughty doggie!

While we were out today we saw lots and lots of abandoned Christmas trees. They are so pretty with their lights and ornaments on them. It is so sad to see them kicked out to the curb. Poor little Christmas trees, just a few days ago they were so bright with hope and promise, now they are discarded. It is kind of sad really.

Day after tomorrow we are going to go get the oil changed. Who wants to go with us? I know that is a field trip you can't turn down. While you are trying to get on the waiting list, I will just say,



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