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#NaBloWriMo ~ what to do????

It is the middle of the week, not much going on except housework and the like. We haven't even run any errands today. I have cooked, cleaned, washed dishes, fed the little dog, cleaned up after the little dog and puttered around on line. Since the weather is so nice if I had the money I would gather things up and go to Hot Springs for a couple of days. That would be great good fun. Alas, I am poor as a church mouse and must find things to do around the house to keep me busy. There is plenty of cleaning, decluttering and listing on eBay to be done. None of this appeals to me but I guess while the weather is nice that I will toss out stuff we don't need and try to get things better organized. That will be a chore to say the least.

I keep futzing around about whether I should try one more time to sell books that haven't sold or if I should donate them to charity. We have plenty of books that aren't being picked up on Paperback Swap either. I think I will probably just quit piddling around and donate them to charity. I need them OUT OF MY WAY!!!! Something has to break here and I am afraid it will be me if I don't get rid of some stuff.

I am worried about Stephanie. She is not sleeping worth a diddly darn. She might sleep 5 hours over the course of the entire day. That is not enough to keep her going and well. She is going to get run down and sick if she can't start getting some sleep. It is very troublesome. I hope that things change for the better soon. This has been going on for almost two months.

I can't think of anything more to allow except that my mom had a myelogram today and seems to have done okay with it. She won't have any results for a few days but was really worried about having the procedure done because the last one she had was very painful, fortunately this one was not as painful for her although there was some discomfort. I hope she finds out something from this test which will help her with her back pain. She has suffered for more than six months. It is time for her to start feeling better.

I will sign off for now,



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