ardeeeichelmann (ardeeeichelmann) wrote,

#NaBloWriMo ~ still feeling weird...

I am ready to feel 100% and not feel ucky! I want to feel good and get things done. I don't like being puny. It reeks! We did get the oil changed today and got a few things at the store. I did not go to the store because I was feeling so bad after the oil change that Steffie brought me home. She then went to the store and picked up things we will need to get us through the next week. It is supposed to rain all next week so we didn't want to go to the store in the rain.

I took a nap late this afternoon and felt somewhat better after the nap which was good. I feel better now than I did the first half of the day. Why can't I feel good earlier? Heck, this could be bedtime. My neighbors go to bed at nine o'clock, I could too.

The Razorbacks are playing in the Cotton Bowl tonight. They started off good but have let Kansas State slip some points in on them. The Razorbacks need to pick it up a notch or two. We want to win this game. It is a matter of Razorback pride! I wish I was there and felt good too. LOL!!!

I am going to sign off for now. Not much to say really, except for ~

Tags: cotton bowl, oil changes, razorbacks, woo pig sooie!
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