ardeeeichelmann (ardeeeichelmann) wrote,

#NaBloWriMo ~ Well, I am feeling better...

I am still not 100% but I am much better today than I was the other day. I am grateful for any port in the storm so I'll take it.

Our beautiful weather is going away. It is getting colder and rainy. It is supposed to really rain tomorrow and Tuesday. I am not looking forward to that. I will get all cold and chilled. I guess I will need to dress in layers. I have been spoiled by the nice weather we have been having.

The little dog has been all kinds of "ferociy" today. She thinks she's hot stuff doing all that barking around but really she's just a funny little dog trying to run with the big dogs. In her mind she is a Great Dane! She is too funny.

This has been a super low key day without much of anything going on. Not much to write about tonight so while I wait to see how Arkansas State University Red Wolves do in the Bowl I guess I will bid you adieu!

Tags: asu red wolves, life at sagemoon cottage, little dog, rain, weather
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