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I am still in shock that Alabama shut out LSU 21 ~ 0 in the BCS Championship Game. I guess those guys really had a grudge after losing to LSU earlier in the season. All I can say is that the Crimson Tide came and they "rolled!" Amazing!

The BCS Championship Game is the most exciting thing to happen since the Hogs won the Cotton Bowl Friday night! Woo Pig Sooie! I hate that football season is over! Well college ball anyway, the NFL is still playing and there is the Super Bowl coming up. That ought to be interesting.

College Basketball is going okay too. So far the UofA Men's Basketball team is playing well. We will see what the season brings. UALR Men's Team has stumbled some but they will play some good ball later in the season. They have a young team. The Lady Backs are off to a slow start but the Lady Trojans are doing okay. I don't know how the ASU Red Wolves are doing in basketball yet, so far all I have heard has been about their football team. The Red Wolves Football team had a great year and a heartbreaking loss in the GoDaddy.com Bowl. Oh well, there is always next year, right boys!

We are expecting rain tonight and tomorrow here in Little Rock, then it is supposed to get chilly. I have been loving the warm weather and am just not ready for it to be cold. Oh well, it is winter in Arkansas so it is going to get cold. I just don't want a lot of ice and/or snow. We will see what we will see.

My daddy has a birthday coming up in a few days. He is going to be 77. How did my cute little daddy get to be 77? In February my mom will be 74. They are getting on in years. It is hard to believe. I remember when they were the youngest parents I knew. Now they are senior citizens. I just hope they stay healthy and active.

Well, not much more to talk about tonight. I am still blown away by that football game. My goodness, I am glad I don't play for LSU. I'd be so embarassed.



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