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My life moves at a slow and steady pace but my mind is always whizzing about questioning everything around me and all that I read or explore. I love to know what is happening on the news and read news articles on-line. It keeps my mind active and alert. That is a good thing because part of my illness is a propensity for brain fog and sometimes I have to struggle to keep the thoughts moving along. My brain gets tired easily but I exercise it when I can by writing in my blog and as mentioned above keeping up with the news. Sometimes I get tired of seeing the same news stories repeated ad nauseam. I am so over the Republican primaries that it isn't even funny and there have only been two elections so far. If there were intelligent and interesting candidates it might be different but there aren't and really Mitt Romney is grating on my nerves. I am afraid he will end up being president and that is not a good thing at all. SIGH!!!!

The other thing about the news is that there seems to be a preponderance of BAD news. I like good news too. It seems that the only place to find good news is in stories about celebrities who are doing something over the top or having babies. That is nice but I want to see good news about real people not just the rich and famous. I am not into the soap opera lifestyle of those who have money and fame. I do find good news fairly often in my Facebook feed and that makes me smile. I don't follow a lot of people on FB and I am always glad to see when something good happens in their lives.

I suppose you could say in a way I live vicariously. I don't have the opportunity to get out and do much so I read about and watch what other people are doing. It keeps me occupied and keeps my mind busy.

I often have original thoughts but it is hard to get them from my brain through my fingers onto my keyboard and into my computer. There is a lot of energy involved in doing that. I don't always have the energy or the clarity of mind to write what I imagine. For example, I created a story for a monthly flash fiction contest based on a photographic prompt. I came up with the story immediately and even though I had a month and a half to get it written, it didn't happen because miasma so often overtakes me. It can be very depressing. BLARG!

I try to focus on the good things around me and the happiness in everyday life. My little dog brings me such joy and I am lucky to have Steffie in my life. There are other good things in my life like my family and friends. I try to stay positive and keep my mind focused on well-being rather than darkness. It is often a challenge.



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