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I slept in today. It felt good. The sun was out and bright when I got up. After spending some time on the internet, we got ready to run some errands. We are an errand running pack. LOL!!! We went to the DollarTree to finish up some last minute items for Daddy and Lyn's birthday party tomorrow, then we went to the grocery story. We bought a few groceries to help us get by until I get my check. It wasn't the greatest shopping trip because as we entered the store it STUNK, I mean really badly too. I don't know what the wretched odor was but I am glad it didn't permeate the whole store.

After getting home we put up groceries and then got back on-line again. I have been keeping up with the score of the Giants-Packers playoff game. My son is going to be MOST unhappy. He is a major Packers fan and they are going to lose in a big way. It is kind of sad for a team to get to the playoffs and then basically defeat themselves. The Packers have had several turnovers. The Giants are going to take this game.

While I am piddling around on-line I am also cooking dinner. We are having "macky cheese" and broccoli. I am hungry and will be ready for dinner to be ready SOON!!!!

Little dog and Steffie are taking a little nippie nap. I wish I could take little naps. I can only take BIG naps so I get cheated when there is only time for a little nap. Boo hoo!!!! LOL!!!!

The weather was so beautiful today. We are supposed to get rain tomorrow but one report sounds like it will be light rain. I hope so. I am so not into heavy rain especially when I have to get out to go somewhere. We have a birthday party tomorrow so we need as good of weather as we can get. Let's hope for a very light rain!!! Hopefully I will find out more on the 10pm news about tomorrow's weather. In the meantime I will sigh about how beautiful today was and wish we could have more days like today.

I hope everyone is doing well. I am enjoying my quiet day at SageMoon Cottage.



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