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#NaBloWriMo ~ one for the road...

Today we went to the grocery store. It was a short trip, getting just enough groceries to hold us over until Friday. It is supposed to rain on Wednesday and Thursday so we needed to get provisions to get us through until the weather was better so we would have chow on hand. We were just about out of food to eat. The cupboards were getting bare. Now we have food to hold us for a bit. YAY!!!!

Tomorrow we are going to the nursing home to fill out papers to get Steffie's mom officially in the hospice program at the nursing home. Steph thought long and hard about this decision but feels that it is the best one for her mom so that she will get the palliative care that she needs. Her mom is not doing well at all and it is hoped that the additional care from hospice will make her more comfortable.  We are just hoping that there is a break in the rain tomorrow when we go to the nursing home so that we don't get soaked. Of course, we don't know where our umbrellas are. We are forever losing umbrellas!

Other than going to the grocery store it was a nice quiet day at SageMoon Cottage. We enjoyed the peace and harmony.

My sister is having some problems and I got to talk to her about them today. It seems that things are better for which I am grateful. She certainly doesn't need anymore stress in her life. She is my baby sister and I wish that I could take care of her but I can't. I can only love her and pray for her. I am doing both of those.

I guess I have reported on the important things at SageMoon Cottage so I will sign off with,



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