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#NaBloWriMo ~ HELLO WORLD!!!!!

I am in an incredibly happy mood right now and that is DESPITE having a difficult day. Perhaps I am just DESTINED to be happy!!!! The difficult things that happened involve the fact that our cat (see avatar) Sparky is missing. Sparky is over 14 years old and was starting to slow down. I HOPE she is just hanging out in the jungle but I am worried that she is really gone. I was worried about Jane (her sister) last month and Jane came back (she had been hurt), so I have hopes that Miss Sparky Sparkaletta will come back home too. We have already had two cats cross over the Rainbow Bridge in the past year so we don't need to lose any more of our babies but they were all old-ish or getting that way.

Also today I went to the drugstore to pick up prescriptions that I had called in. For some reason two of the scripts I needed the most weren't filled and I didn't find it out until I left the drug store. I will have to take care of it on Monday. I do have enough of the medications to get me through the weekend. I can't do without my anti-depressant and mood stabilizer, not a good thing to happen to someone who is bi-polar.

Although these things happened I am in a really good mood. Maybe it is because I had a great dinner at IHOP using gift cards we got for Christmas or maybe it is because I had a nice little nap. It could be because I watched the ten o'clock news and enjoyed it very much. The channel I watch the news on shows what is happening behind the scenes during the commercial breaks. I love watching the news staff when they are not acting all "professional!" See, I have had a lot of good things happen to me today. Oh, also I have lost five pounds since last week. Life is good!

The little dog was lying in my chair until just a minute ago. I think I was moving around too much for her when I went and made tea. She has since gone to bed. In the meantime I have a fresh glass of iced tea.

Tomorrow we are going to the grocery store. We need a few things and I am looking forward to the trip. I might get some salad. I am salad hungry. I could eat salad every day. YUMMERS!!!!

Tonight is a pleasant night and I am going to enjoy the good mood that I am in. I don't always feel this blissful so I am going to savor every minute of it.

I wish you and yours a wonderful evening.



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Feb. 4th, 2012 10:21 am (UTC)
Now that I've recovered from all the shopping and appointments, you've disappeared again. o_O I worry when you disappear. That's just how I roll.

Have you found Sparky? Did your meds finally show up at the drug store? Did you lose the five pounds by accident, or was there a method?

My fave salad recipe: Spinach, chopped red onion, sliced almonds, sliced mandarin oranges (from a can, yes) topped with vinagrette. Very yummy and good for you, too, what with all the iron in spinach.

We are going to have two days of rain. I can tell it's imminent because the blackbirds are roosting in the treetops. They were crowded on the lawn across the street before.

I miss the crows we had in Davis. I haven't seen any since I moved. Maybe I need to travel out to the country?
Feb. 4th, 2012 03:56 pm (UTC)
I have just been lazy...
I haven't "gotten around to" writing in my blog. Total laziness on my part. I am fine.

Sparky hasn't shown up. I believe that she has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She was such a beautiful and wonderful cat. She will be greatly missed.

I finally got my meds. They had run out of big bags and had put my meds in two small bags and the chick at the check out desk didn't see them. It is all good.

The five pound loss was on purpose. I have lost 30 pounds since the first week in December. I have slowed down some but I will start losing again soon enough. I am not worried.

I like spinach salad but I have never had it with mandarin oranges on it. I will have to try that sometime.

We just had the two days of rain. Be ye prepared. Some of it will be strong with wind gusts. Our little dog is terrified of thunder so she was not happy. The rain is over now and the birds are singing with glee.

We have plenty of crows in Little Rock. I wish I could send some to you. They are detrimental to the songbird population. I like my songbirds.

Sorry to have worried you, glad you have survived everything.


Feb. 5th, 2012 01:27 pm (UTC)
Re: I have just been lazy...
I'm sorry about Sparky. :( I wish you had a return as you did with the last cat who wandered off.

Thirty pounds! Wow, that's awesome! Congratulations! I know what hard work it is to lose any weight at all, but that's stellar!

I like the storms. Meekers is OK with the thunder and lightning now that she knows she's not done for as soon as she hears it. T & L is much less fearsome than Bella The Attack Cat. Bella is persistent over time and generally kind of nuts for a cat.

Crows are detrimental to the song bird population? Huh, I didn't know that. The cats were more about pruning the bird population in Davis. Though the crows would roost in the trees at night, they'd fly off at dawn. We had mockingbirds for variety songs, but the other birds were a bit on the boring side. Same old tune and all. Mourning Doves talked the most. Then there were scrub jays. They like to fight a lot. And there was a house around the corner from the place on Juniper that had a whole bunch of finches. We had little wrens, too.
Feb. 8th, 2012 11:23 pm (UTC)
Love your blog, Ardee-Ann - you are so absolutely real. I felt like I'd just stepped into your life. You take joy in the little things. I will be back regularly. (just like you are for me)
Feb. 16th, 2012 02:44 pm (UTC)
I love your comment that perhaps you are destined to be happy. I think it's the most beautiful thing that I've heard all day! Perhaps I'll take a page from your book and adopt it for my mantra. It fairly sings!

Feb. 16th, 2012 11:49 pm (UTC)
Thanks Mercedes...
I am glad my sentence "spoke" to you. I make an effort to be happy and practice an "attitude of gratitude" whenever I can. I don't always succeed but I try and I like to celebrate winning every battle that I can.


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