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I don't have them in order at all. This is just how I found them on my desktop. The first picture is my third granddaughter Jess. The picture was taken at her daycare on her second birthday. For some reason she likes to stick her tongue out. When she does it she is just playing, she is not being ugly or acting out. Jess turn 2 a little less than a month ago. She is a precious little stinker.

The second picture is Kimbo who is six and a half. She is so beautiful. Photos can't capture her true beauty. Kimbo has a winning smile and when she cuts her eyes at you she can melt you into butter. When she gets older her daddy will be beating the boys away with a stick. That girl is going to be a heart breaker. Kimbo is a very girly girl, even when she goes hunting with her daddy she wears pink.

The third picture is of our angel Ashley my number two granddaughter. We were only gifted with Ashley for a short time before God took her home to be with him. Ashley also had a killer smile as evidenced in this picture. Her little body was fighting cancer and yet her eyes sparkled as she grinned at her daddy when he took this picture. Tomorrow Ashley's parents will be involved in a "Cancer Walk" dedicated to their beautiful little angel Ashley. We were so blessed to have this beautiful soul touch our hearts and lives before she went home to Heaven.

My son and DIL make some beautiful children don't they! I am not biased at all as you can tell. I am the luckiest grannie in the whole world because I get to love and cherish three of the most precious little girls.

I can't forget to brag on the girls' big brother Nicholas. He is going to be 13 in a few days. I don't envy Sean and Patricia having a teenager in their household. I wish them well as they go through this transition. Nicholas is a sweet young man and a good bubba to the girls.

When Stephanie and I took the picture below Halloween 2011 the kids at first didn't act like they wanted to get too close to each other so Sean said, "Act like you like each other" and they skooched in and smiled. I love this picture of the three of them. There isn't much else to say tonight except...




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