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#NaBloWriMo ~ We Are Back...

This is going to be a very short entry. My brain is tired. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. We will see won't we!

Stephanie's mother, Ruth looked very peaceful in her casket. The last time we had seen her (the week before she died), Ruth was so uncomfortable looking and confused. It was a relief to see that her suffering had passed and that last gentle sleep had embraced her.

Ruth's funeral was a very nice, very intimate service. The preacher we had hoped to use was unable to help us but recommended the local preacher from the Assembly of God Church who was able to conduct the services. He had known Ruth and her mother, Steph's grandmother. This was good because as far as we had known the only minister who actually had known Ruth was the one who really wanted to preach at the funeral but just wasn't able to do so. The preacher who conducted the service did a wonderful job. His stories about Ruth were sweet and his sermon was inspiring. He led us in a beautiful prayer. The sun was shining beautifully for the graveside services as Ruth was laid to rest and as we were near the pond the sermon was occasionally punctuated by the "honk" of one of the Canadian Geese swimming around it. Ruth's best friend was able to attend the service even though she herself is frail and fragile it seemed that she was grateful to be present to bid a last farewell to her dear friend.

Ruth has been interred in a mausoleum. As it turns out, her tomb is only a couple of burial chambers from the one of the woman who she was named after. The elder Ruth had been a respected school teacher in the community where the younger Ruth had been born and reared. The elder Ruth was also the younger Ruth's best friend. This situation is a bit unusual because the women are not buried in the community where they had lived even though it has a local cemetery but rather they are interred in a community about 20 miles away. Also, the cemetery only has a rather small mausoleum but has rather extensive grounds so the fact that they are both in the mausoleum and just a vaults apart. It truly is a small world.

Stephanie seems to be doing well. I am glad of that. I don't know that I would be holding up nearly as well if I had lost my mother. Steffie is a rock.

Until later,



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Oct. 13th, 2012 10:17 pm (UTC)
I'm glad to hear that the funeral and burial service went so well, and that the pastor who gave the sermon knew Steffie's mother and grandmother. That's unusual these days.

Give Steffie a hug for me! I know it can't be easy, even if she is a rock. <3
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