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Wow, I just read a blog...

Wow, I just read a blog about "internet fame," as in bloggers who are "known" to the world or at least part of it. To me it seemed a bit, I don't know, conceited. I mean sure it is exciting to have someone read my stuff and say that they like it. I am a writer, that is what I do and to have someone enjoy it is awesome but I don't need to be on Oprah, quoted in some magazine or even recognized at the grocery store. I just write my blog because it is good practice for my other writing that I do hope someday will be published so that people can read it. Again, I don't expect to be famous. I just want people to enjoy my books and find something in them that gives them hope, excites them or makes them want to recommend the book to someone else.

Maybe I don't "get" the big picture of doing all of this, you know heck, with a name like, Ardee Eichelmann, you are used to people knowing who you are and you better not do something to get into trouble because people know who your PARENTS are and you will be in "deep," if you know what I mean. So maybe I have already had all the "fame" I need or want. No one else has the same name that I do. I went to a small school where most of my classmates knew me so I have already been "infamous" if nothing else so I don't need "fame" to validate me. I just want to write and have people say, "Hey, that was pretty good." That is enough for me.



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Jun. 26th, 2010 01:40 pm (UTC)
Fame... pfft.
When I first started blogging, I was all about the followers count. Now I'm all about actually writing some fiction. I can shoot for internet fame once I have something to actually sell people. :)
Jun. 26th, 2010 10:33 pm (UTC)
Re: Fame... pfft.
Simon, I think that is a very good way to look at things. It is nice to have followers but that is not the purpose IMHO, to me it is about the writing and hoping somebody likes it well enough to read it. Thanks for your input. Cheers, Ardee-ann
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