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#NaBloWriMo ~ the storm rages on...

The northeast is being battered by what remains of Hurricane Sandy. Further inland snow is falling heavily. The damage from the wind, flooding and power outages will be significant. There have already been too many lives lost as a result of this storm. Who knows how many more have been lost since the last tally and how many are still at risk? I have been praying for those in harm's way since I first heard about this storm. I hope that they all have the prayers and good thoughts of the nation.

Tonight I read about a woman losing her job because of something she had posted on Facebook. While I agree that what she posted was less than well thought out and tactful I wonder why employers are so willing to fire people for what they say during their off-work hours on social media. I also wonder why some people think that they can say anything that they like on social media and not have it bite them on the butt. I personally am very careful about what I say in my blog and on social media. Maybe having a name like Ardee Eichelmann will do that to you and maybe I just don't want my mama to see something tacky that I might have written. I guess that is my rule of thumb. If it won't upset my mama then it should be safe to say online and if it isn't something I would say with my mom around then maybe I need to think long and hard before I say it. I guess we all have our own way of thinking about these things.

Earlier today I found out that the Holter monitor I wore for 24 hours was dysfunctional. That means I get to wear the Holter monitor again for 24 hours. Oh happy day!!!! I am so looking forward to that opportunity. Woo hoo!!! Why yes...yes I am being sarcastic. Why do you ask?



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