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How can I forget to blog? I don't know but sometimes it just slips my feeble mind! This is my best outlet for writing even though most of what I write here is pretty lame, lame, lame but that's okay, at least I am writing something. Just a few words at least fills the bill.

I am really worried about a friend of mine. (We go back to the very early 80s.) Her husband was very seriously injured in a motorcycle accident about 3 months ago. She is his primary caretaker and let me tell you this woman is intense in the way she cares for him. Theirs is a true love story and I don't think I have ever seen someone so totally committed to their spouse as my friend is to her husband. This woman totally rocks! Her husband had an adverse reaction to some medication tonight. That was really bad news because even though he is getting stronger every day he still had a long way to go with his rehabilitation. Anyway, he is resting peacefully tonight but she will be up all night because she is concerned that he might have another episode. I worry about her health too. This woman is a rock but she has been through so much. I am so glad that she has a really strong support system. She also has an awesome faith in God that sustains her through everything. She and her husband both are cancer survivors. They are strong and amazing people but I still worry about her because I know how hard it is to maintain that caretaker role. I keep them in my prayers and trust that everything will be okay.

I am really too tired (brain fog) to write much more tonight. I will just ask that everyone send out positive energy/good thoughts/prayers into the Universe. There are so many hurting people in the world and as many good intentions as we can send out will be of great benefit to those in need.

Hugs and Ciao!


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