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This will be blog entry 765...

I have to wonder what kind of drivel I have written about! Maybe sometime I should go back and look at some of those blog posts. Now there WERE some serious posts that addressed the craft of writing and shared information and links from some of my favorite authors. I am privileged to hang out with some amazing indie authors. I can't believe that they actually agree to be friends with me on Facebook. I am always in awe. I also have some Facebook friends who are journalists and political writers on both a local and national level. Some of these folks are so smart that I am almost embarrassed to comment on their updates for fear that I will sound like a nimrod and that they will cull me from their friend pages. The fact that the put up with some of my goofy status updates makes me wonder if they hide my posts in their feeds. I wouldn't blame them if they did.

I do not have an inferiority complex and that is not where the above comments come from. I am humble and modest (unless I am horsing around) but I don't feel inferior. I just know the limits of my writing and cognitive abilities. One of my journalist compadres, Jerry Dean, has taken to writing about some of his pet peeves which involve the misuse of words. Oh, I know I am guilty of same. I should hang my head in shame but I just own up to the error of my ways, my grammar issues, comma splices and the way I butcher punctuation while proceeding to march on writing missives that demonstrate that I do not grasp some of the finer points of writing but then that's how I roll.

Some of the journalists that I get to "hang" with on Facebook are so smart that I am often taken aback by their insight. This includes a well known local "political animal" who is of a conservative bent. We certainly do not see eye to eye on many political issues but I can tell you that I learn a lot from that man. If I ever met him in person I would probably be a babbling idiot because I would be so in awe of him.

Now you have to know that I am not a celebrity "junkie." I have met many famous people. Gosh, I even got to meet Captain Kangaroo in 1984 and let me tell you for a "boomer" that was HUGE!!! So when I say that the above mentioned political/sports journalist would probably leave me speechless (a rare occurrence) it isn't because I get all kinds of goofy about meeting "celebrities." It is just that this guy is so darned intelligent that he knocks my socks off.  Truth be told, I would like to go to lunch with him and just soak up whatever he wanted to talk about...fishing, football, duck hunting, politics, living in the South...I would be glad to just listen and learn.

Well, I have yammered on enough for tonight. You now know some of my deep dark secrets. Please don't go blabbing them to just everyone. It's not like I have announced it to the world...this is a private conversation between just you and me. LOL!!!




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