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Sometimes I feel like such a dumba**...

I have many "wisenheimer" comments that I use many times during the day to the "disgust" (okay, just eye rolling) of Steffie. I drive her crazy with these phrases that I pick up from stories, online and etc. I am just a goofball and nerd girl. It is part of my charm. Recently I rediscovered the phrase, "Oh the humanity," in my bag of tricks and this has particularly driven her smooth up the wall.

One thing I tend to do is look up my "witty" little cliched remarks online to learn about their origins. When I read about the origin of "Oh the humanity" and then listened to the original broadcast that used this comment I became sick to my stomach. The phrase comes from a comment made by radio reporter Herbert Morrison in his broadcast as he witnessed the Hindenburg disaster. When I read that I felt like I had been kicked in the gut. This comment I had made so many times in jest had originally been uttered by someone who was horrified at the catastrophe he was seeing as fire was engulfing the Hindenburg and people were dying right before his very eyes. I remembers how I had felt when I was watching the Challenger explode and the horrors of 9/11. I have seen people die right before my eyes in person too. It can be a horrid experience. (It can be a gift too but that is a different story for another time.)

You won't here me mouthing off about "Oh the humanity" any longer. Listening to the radio broadcast as I watched footage of the disaster was a real sucker punch. I feel like a jerk. It is a nasty feeling. I guess I need to be more careful about what I say when I am horsing around.



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