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Follow your heart...

I started to title this post, "Follow Your Bliss," but really the truth is that sometimes it is painful rather than blissful to follow your heart and so I went with the title, "Follow Your Heart." Most people will try to tell you to use your head and not your heart in making decisions. I think that is hogwash. I have gotten into more trouble by thinking rather than feeling throughout my life. There are places where I can see that maybe things in my life would have ended up better for a while if I had been more logical than feeling in my decisions but overall I think that by following my heart I have ultimately made the best decisions for me because if I had not followed my heart and my gut feelings I would not be the person I am now. I may not meet anyone's definition of "success," even my own but that is okay too because I am happy, I am loved, I am blessed and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing at this time in my life. I don't know "why" I am in this situation but that isn't the important piece...I have faith that I am where I am supposed to be so that when the time is right I can put the piece in the puzzle that I am intended to place and then my life will change again perhaps imperceptibly to prepare me for the next role I am to fill.

I do not believe that most of us have a huge mission in life to accomplish but rather numerous small actions that may seem totally inconsequential to us and yet they are part of our destiny as we muddle through this interesting journey called life. If we follow our hearts, our passion, our feelings then we will gradually be led to the place we are supposed to be at the time we are supposed to be there. Our hearts will lead us, our heads just get in our way.

I know that it is hard to trust your heart when you have spent a lifetime trying to suppress it because that is what society tends to tell us to do but if you will start trusting it a little bit at a time you will find yourself in a "place" that feels right and you will know that your path is true. There will be sacrifice in following your heart. It will not be easy. At times you will feel like you are walking on hot coals without being properly trained to do so. This is living...this is not being immune from the world around you. It is being focused on what is truly important and living your destiny instead of missing the path you were intended to follow.

I wish you well on this trip. I know that there is ultimately a satisfaction in doing what you were sent here to do. You will not always see the fruit of your efforts but please know that it is "out there" nurturing others so that they in turn may be a gift to someone else. This is a journey of faith so open your eyes wide and look all around you. Your destiny lies ahead. Follow your heart, it knows the way.




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