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I am such the slacker...

I haven't even gone to look st the date of my last post. I think it was the one about meatless Fridays during Lent so that was about a month ago. Sigh!

I seem to think about writing in the blog when I am running errands, cooking dinner, washing dishes, getting ready to go to sleep or listing items on eBay. I seldom think about it when I actually have the time to sit down and write. It is probably just as well because I have been pretty much inside my head and a bit of a crank lately. My last posts were rather intense. It is okay to be deep, thoughtful and all that jazz but when I am "there" I tend to sound angry, defensive and even a little bitter. I am not like that at all and I really don't like it when I sound that way. Now I can get cranky, fussy and testy. I even do have some angry moments but they pass. I am not one to go around with a chip on my shoulder. In fact, my avatar picture with this post pretty well sums up my personality. This picture was taken around 2005 or 2006. I am wearing a "Sesame Street Ninja" headband. The material is made from an old Sesame Street flat sheet that I bought in 1978 when I was separated from my first husband. I bought the Sesame Street sheets so that I couldn't take myself too seriously when I went to bed at night. I was 21. I had a son who was not quite 1 year old. I was working two jobs and was separated from my husband of less than two years. I had a lot on my plate but I was determined to come out on top. The Sesame Street sheets were just one of the tools in my arsenal. LOL!!!! I used those sheets for years until they literally started rotting away. I then tore a strip from the flat sheet and made myself a "Ninja" headband. I wore that headband around the house all of the time. I don't know what happened to it. Maybe it got lost in the laundry or something. I don't know but I do know that if it turns up again I am likely to start wearing it around the house again because my friends. That is how I roll! LOL!!!

For my birthday this year I got a Hello Kitty hat, a Pink Flamingo hat and a Hello Kitty Vibrator. Yes, you read that right a Hello Kitty vibrator. Really, what possessed someone to make such a thing. It certainly isn't going to be used but it will be stored with my wonderful Hello Kitty goodies that I have been gifted with over the years. So you see...that is how the people who know me see me as a goofy grannie that they can give wonderfully zany gifts to for her birthday. BTW, I turned 56 and I celebrated at Golden Corral with a Hello Kitty hat on my head that I wore as the Golden Corral staff had me stand up so that they could sing "Happy Birthday" to me. I am sure that everyone in Golden Corral thought I was a few bricks short of a load but really who the heck cares? I was having a great time, even when I opened my Hello Kitty vibrator right there at the table at Golden Corral, surrounded by people and I said to my sister who gave it to me, "Is this a Hello Kitty Vibrator?" She of course started laughing big time. Stephanie says that I was not quiet when I asked that question and she was certain that they could hear me across the restaurant. I think she was exaggerating but I am rather loud so it is possible. LOL!!! I need to get photos of me in my hats and with me holding my handy dandy Hello Kitty vibrator to post with my blog. I am sure my mom will be so proud. LOL!!!




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