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Story was written from a list of word prompts for writing exercises...so I had some fun:

This is an evocative tale filled with specious and satirical comments that could evoke scorn and cause some to spew venom where none need be spilled, in fact, this was a private conversation between two lovers and was really nobody's "beeswax" but as the day is long and daybreak comes in the morning there will always be those who will take it upon themselves to create mountains out of molehills and interminable conversations to the tribulation of their audience about the the business of others around them, to no good end I may add.

It all started when a young man was lying in a recumbent position under a deciduous tree talking with his love who was looking at a "Just My Size" catalog...he was staring at the clouds when she mentioned that they had pantyhose at a great price. As a lark he mentioned getting some extra pairs so he could tie her up when they played at bondage and domination games.

 He said he could confine her to the bed, cover her with Reddi-Whip and lick every bit of it off of her Rubenesque figure until she begged for mercy. She laughed and asked if he would want a cherry on top. Their mirth and playfulness was evident. They were enjoying their torrid little conversation.

The woman then found nursing bras in an interesting apricot color, she found that to be unusual and showed them to her love. He looked the bras over, agreed that the color was unusual but then stated that they should get one and engage in some kinky behavior at Kroger's. Well, this brought color to the face of the young woman as she realized that two older women sitting on a nearby park bench were  listening to their conversation and muttering to themselves at how sordid the young lovers were.

To these old biddies there was nothing but debauchery and depravity being espoused in what they saw in a display of moral turpitude when in fact, the young lovers were just engaging in serendipitous play the would never be understood by the cantankerous old women who were contemptuous of the loving banter and perhaps more than a little jealous that they would not have someone murmuring sweet nothings to them when they arrived home. There was a dearth of understanding for the bloom of love and it was quite heavenly when the two ersatz and spurious old ladies stopped their unreasonable twaddle and left the lovers to their immensely enjoyable afternoon spending loving languid hours at the park basking in the sunshine.



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