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JulNoWriMo no "mo"...but...

Since I have decided to do JulNoWriMo my own way, I have decided that I will change what I call it because I am not writing a novel but rather to achieve my own ends. It doesn't seem fair to appropriate the name so I am calling my month JulWriMo or JulWriSo. That would be July Write More and/or July Write Some. This could, of course, evolve over time. Really there is no need to lock myself into someone else's box. Besides I like to color outside of the lines. Ever forward!

Today(July 2) on Forbidden Hillcrest a page on Facebook that is inspired by the blog of Paul Carr http://forbiddenhillcrest.com/ that discusses crime in the Big Rock City (not all crime just some of it), urban legends, weird happenings and utter nonsense (I love the utter nonsense part) there was a discussion about the fact that there were six robberies and two burglaries in the city on July 1. Such conversations always seem to lead to much rending of clothes, gnashing of teeth, wailing and proclamations that the writer is glad that the no longer live in Little Rock, wish they didn't live in Little Rock, are planning to leave Little Rock and/or such other absurdities. If people don't want to live in Little Rock then they just need to move and quit yapping about it. Little Rock does have crime but so does every other community in the country if not the world. Some may have more crime, some may have less crime but Little Rock is not a mecca for criminals. We do have issues that need to be addressed by the city and the criminal justice system AND we have a crappy parole system as well as the seeming inability to deal with repeat offenders but truly the statistics are worse than the reality because we have people here who actually report crimes. In some areas crimes do not get reported so their statistics are skewed. Again, I am not saying that Little Rock is crime free. I would be a fool to say that but really there are more good things that happen in Little Rock every day than there are bad things. People need to recognize that, do what they can to protect themselves and their property and then take steps so that they are less likely to be victimized.

Well amidst all of the "oh ain't it awful" posts I simply stated that while Little Rock does have crime that there are other places that have even more crime and that there is no way to avoid crime completely. It just isn't going to happen. Trust me when I say that all the little bedroom communities people talk about "fleeing" to are also experiencing their own crime issues. It isn't a one city thing. Because I had the utter audacity to say that Little Rock wasn't as bad as some would suggest that it is I was accused of not being "aware" and "having my head in the sand." Really, I wanted to give that poster a piece of my mind. I have probably seen more of the dark underbelly of the city than most people save the police can imagine. I know what goes on here. Without going into details let me just say that I was introduced to crime in Little Rock soon after I moved back to the city in 1968 when my bicycle was stolen. That was just the beginning but there have been many, many more good days in the Big Rock City since that time (although I want my bike back) and I certainly would never consider leaving Little Rock because of crime. Good grief the whole argument is absurd and quite frankly I am tired of hearing it. Little Rock is truly one of the best places to live. It would be nice if it was more cyclist friendly, if the zoo was still free to patrons, better public transportation would be nice and it would help if the STATE would keep their convicted felons in prison. It is a fact that two of the zip codes in Little Rock get more parolees than the rest of the state combined. The is a problem primarily because we don't have good integration back into the community for felons and the parole officers are overworked and out numbered. The system is broken so yes, more crimes will occur. It is a fact of life but I am NOT unaware and I certainly do not have my head in the sand. I have my home protected and no I do not require a firearm or an alarm system. I also have a plan in place if I should be attacked. I am very aware and prepared. Some people just feel the need to put others down and strut like peacocks. I refuse to engage in pissing contests. I am more than a little ticked off however.

That is how I am spending my writing time for the day. Discussing those on Forbidden Hillcrest who don't have anything better to do than attack others and preen about their own sense of self importance. Hopefully tomorrow will be a more upbeat day.



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