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JulWriMo/JulWriSo and so it goes...

I am later than usual with getting my blog post up but this has been a crazy day. I am having health difficulties and the medication that helps is causing untoward side effects. The bad thing is that even when the medicine helps it only reduces a fraction of the pain. Something has to break here and I need it to be this unrelenting pain that I am dealing with. Bah!

Anyway because I was zombiefied by taking a muscle relaxer I was late waking up so we were late getting to the grocery store. Due to this is was after dark before we got home...well because it is customary to celebrate Independence Day with fireworks...folks in the neighborhood were doing just that. This would not be a problem for the most part, I personally LOVE fireworks but my little dog does NOT like fireworks at all and actually freaks out when she hears them, so what did she do while we were gone. Well, she tried to climb a stack of boxes that had carefully been gone through as part of the clean up and decluttering process. Guess what happens to boxes that are climbed by little dogs, they tumble and fall. Everything comes out of them and instead of a tidy situation that I had spent hours taking care of, there was a HUGE mess that had to be picked up enough so that we could even get in the door and now I get to take care of that work all over again. I feel like I am running in place as it is because my pain is so damned bad and now I have to do about 8 hours of work over again. It won't take 8 hours this time but I really hate to have to deal with all of this again. I just want to cry when I think about it. Oh well, as I have said to my self already...no point in crying over spilled milk. It is done and I just have to deal with it. I will be SO GLAD when all of this crap is out of here and I never, ever have to deal with it again. I just need my body to cooperate so that I can get things done faster. Times a wastin', you know what I mean!

One of the highlights of the day was that I got some very nice pork tenderloin to fix with barbecue sauce so that we can have pulled pork to go with coleslaw for dinner tomorrow. I have been barbecue hungry. It wasn't originally a "4th of July" plan but that is how it worked out. Woo hoo!!!

So, I have gotten some work done on the house. The dog so far has survived the onslaught of fireworks although it is a wonder she did not get hurt in the avalanche. Now I am getting my writing done such as it is. The important thing is that I am writing. I have to keep reminding myself of that.

I guess this is all I have to say for today. I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th and enjoys themselves whatever their plans may be.



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Jul. 4th, 2013 05:45 pm (UTC)
Oh crap. And by that I'm referring to Jezebel climbing the boxes and having them topple all over the place. I hate it when stuff like that happens. Especially when you've done all kinds of work and have to do it all over again. Re-doing work or having more work made for me drives me batshit!

I'm so sorry about your pain issues. I'd suggest good meds, except I don't know what you could possibly take for the pain you have. No matter what it is, it seems there would be some sort of nasty side effect.

Your dinner sounds as if it will be fabulous. Glad you're getting some writing done, too! :)
Jul. 4th, 2013 06:33 pm (UTC)
Mer, I am totally with you on the re-doing work or having more work made for me driving me to the brink. I simply can scarcely tolerate same and have been known to have a meltdown or hissy fit over such things. Now did my tears or conniption help the situaion, no...but they did help to release pent up emotions.

As for the pain, if the FDA hadn't seen fit to remove Darvocet from the market after a very, very, very small sampling that revealed problems (I think my doctor said it was a sample of 30) when there are drugs that have caused serious issues for thousands still on the market. (I suspect some payola and a rat in this case.) I know what I could take for a minimum of side effects and to get the pain relief I need. That drug really was the best prescription pain medication that I ever took. It worked better for me than a shot of Demerol. In fact, when I would have surgery I would insist that the doctor write orders for Darvocet instead of the other meds. They would always but always say that the other stuff was stronger and worked better. I would just tell them that Darvocet worked better for me.

So right now I am taking acetaminophen alternated with ibuprofen with the occasional muscle relaxer(those knock me for a loop) and hoping for the best. This can all go away at any time. Really, it can!

I have dinner cooking right now and it smells great. I have been one barbecue hungry "Jessie" and am eager for dinner time. The tenderloin was a real splurge so I intend to savor every bite of it.

I hope you have a good day and that Tae Joon isn't too much of a pill.


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