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JulWriMo/JulWriSo...July 5th edition...

Today would have been Steph's dad's birthday. I salute him with a glass of Scotch. It is virtual Scotch because well I just haven't acquired a taste for Scotch. I told Steph that I wish that her dad had preferred another alcoholic beverage but my luck if he hadn't have been a Scotch man he would have had a taste for Pepsi. I couldn't hang with that either, LOL!

I was on YouTube listening to Johnny Cash's recitation of "That Ragged Old Flag" and as one thing often leads to another I ended up listening to Neil Young's Version of "This Land Is Your Land," by Woody Guthrie...
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fy-aGEqGwtI . It is comprised mostly of the verses that we didn't learn in school and that most people don't sing. It is well worth the listen. The really sad thing is that not a lot has changed since Woody wrote this song. Well, except that the gap between the "haves" and the "have nots" has widened.

A friend of mine, Robin Wheeler is working on a project that is focused on the 100th anniversary of Woodie Guthrie's birth. She has traveled the country attending concerts and workshops learning more about Woody and his music. Her Facebook page about this project seems to have been deleted or I just can't find it in all of my "liked" pages but here is the link to her blog about the project:
http://boundforglory100.com/ . I can't wait until Robin's book is finished and it print. I know it is going to be awesome.

The 4th of July was a fun day here at SageMoon Cottage. We had the planned barbecued tenderloin with coleslaw. It was "slap your mama" good. It met all of my expectations. The fireworks started early on the street and little dog immediately started burrowing under things, hiding and trying to climb whatever she could. (I don't understand the climbing thing but she does it and that is how the catastrophe on Wednesday happened.) We got her into her carrier and she settled down some. Little dog even napped. That was good because the fireworks really, really upset her. She will be a basket case for a week or more bless her heart.

Not much else to talk about. I have already discussed my pain issues to the point that I am tired of hearing about them. Steph commented earlier that she wished something could make things better. I really don't think anything can because I am not going to go the zombie route via meds. I told her that I would adjust with time and that this would become the new normal. That is true. I have lived with chronic pain for years. Sometimes it does get better for a while but the reality is that it is always there and you just adapt. When you do the higher level of pain becomes the way you usually feel and it isn't so bad because well it is always there. You just get used to it.

I hope everyone has a blessed day and enjoys the beginning of the weekend.



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