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JulWriMo/JulWriSo the saga continues...

Steph and I went to breakfast at Golden Corral today. I had their Banana Nut French Toast. I don't know who created that confection but it is wicked good. I also had deep fried bacon. It was good but lets just say it is a "heart attack waiting to happen." LOL!!!  Now, I have long desired to have a deep fried Snickers but I guess that will have to wait for a few more years. Deep fried bacon had never been on my wish list but it was there and I tried it. Anyway, it was most enjoyable AND because of a special promotion it was discounted by about $2. I love a discount!

Across the street at the Urban Farm they are getting ready for a big shindig later today. The tickets are $30 and they always sell out. I could never afford a ticket to one of their events but they sure look like fun. It looks like they will finally have decent weather for the event. The pig roast they had back in March was during a bitterly cold spell. I don't think I ever remember having cold weather like that in late March. I am glad the sun will be shining and the temps shouldn't be too hot. Here is a link to their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LittleRockUrbanFarming?fref=ts

The neighborhood is still alive with firecrackers. The poor little dog is going to be a basket case. I am so worried about her but I really, really understand the kids getting out and having fun. I miss playing with fireworks with my son. Those were good times. One year we set an old bird's nest on fire in a giant pine tree with a bottle rocket. Now THAT was an adventure. Gulp!

Stephanie and I talked about "Tales From The South" as we drove through Argenta this morning. Even though my lone entry to "TFTS" was two or three years ago I am still sad about the changes in the program that have prevented me from being able to participate. Right after I got to present my story "TFTS" changed their program. Instead of it being a free show there was a charge of $5 per person. That is on top of the cost of dinner. Gosh, there was no way at the time that Steph and I could afford $10 in tickets and dinner even with sharing a meal so that I could(hopefully) read more of my stories. It still makes me sad sometimes.  You see I am really more of a storyteller than a writer. I come from a long line of storytellers and it is an art form that I love. The "TFTS" format was perfect for me. Also, Steffie started a wonderful "TFTS" scrapbook for me. It is awesome. At the time of the change in the "rules" I already had at least 3 stories that had been accepted for the program. As I read this I have to laugh a little, back then we couldn't have even afforded the $10 tickets for the show and 2 glasses of water. We were that broke. Maybe now that it looks like we may have a little more cash I might submit some more stories and try again. It was really an enjoyable evening and I totally loved listening to the stories of the other readers. In fact, I have become friends(mostly virtual) with the woman who read before me. Her story made me cry and I was still sniffling something terrible when it was time for me to go read my story. I am such a sensitive soul. Here is the video of me reading my story, "Mothering Sean:" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGLOFPXfhj8 Maybe someday I will get to participate again.

Well, except for more pain issues I have talked about everything I know to share with you all this morning. I am going to have to go to the doctor to see if there are any new ideas to help with this situation. It is getting worse. I don't have time for this mess.



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