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The day started off pretty well. It was a beautiful day. Not too much sun in the beginning (that is good for me) and the temperature was moderate with very little humidity. All in all one heck of a great day for July in Arkansas.

Despite pain issues I got some stuff done around the house although I didn't get nearly as much done as I would have liked to get done. I keep asking myself why the heck didn't I get rid of all of this crap when I was feeling better and why the heck did I allow it into my home in the first place. I do not like crap. I want open space in my house. The clutter is driving me over the edge. ARGH!

I took a nap. It wasn't a great nap but it did help some with the pain.

Our neighbors were having a big throw down across the street. I think I wrote about that yesterday. The weather was perfect for a summer's eve gathering. It looked like people were having a good time. I hope that they did.

My problem with the day came after my dear, sweet, loving mother got home from the flea market yesterday. She called and asked, "Have you had trouble with your air conditioner?" Well, the answer was yes and it was none of her business and I didn't know how the hell she found out about it. Well, it seems that the repair company sent a credit application when they had DENIED MY APPLICATION ONLINE to my mother TWO WEEKS AFTER THE A/C WAS FIXED AND PAID FOR!!!! Now why the heck were they sending a credit application for something that was already paid for and why the heck did they send it to my mother. Yes, we use the same HVAC company and yes, our last names are the same but really and I mean REALLY they sent my PRIVATE information to my mother...the envelope had URGENT and IMPORTANT written all over it. What the heck was urgent and important that had been paid for TWO WEEKS BEFORE!!!!!!!!

You may ask why my mother opened it, well quite frankly we often get each other's mail and we don't always know that it isn't for us. We see our last name on the mail so we open it. I have accidentally opened mail for my mother many times over the years. My mom sees an envelope that is from a local company that is obviously not just junk mail that said, "Urgent" and "Important" on it so she opened it. I probably would have too if it had come to my house and been intended for her. I am not upset with my mom. I am MAD AS HELL at the HVAC company. First, they HAD my address...the service call was AT MY HOUSE and when I filled out the credit application I PUT MY ADDRESS ON IT. Well, what in the name of all that is holy possessed them to send a credit application for something that was ALREADY PAID FOR to my mother's address and upsetting her. She didn't need to know that I had this huge expense that I really couldn't afford. She is 75 years old and has enough shit in her life. She doesn't need to worry about things with me. I am so angry that I could spit nails.

Then in our conversation mom just couldn't wrap her brain around the fact that I had actually paid for the service repair since they were sending me a credit application. I really didn't have the energy to have to expend to convince her that I had indeed paid for the service. I had to borrow money from someone to pay for the service but I had indeed paid for it. I mean I can understand why she had a hard time believing that it was paid for since the company was sending out a credit application more than two weeks later, especially since they put URGENT and IMPORTANT on the envelope. I am shaking because I am so angry and I found out about this 12 hours ago. You'd think I'd be less ticked off by now. Anyway, I cut and pasted the entry from Steffie's checking account online into an email to show mom that the bill had already been paid out of the checking about with Steph's debit card. I am sure that will convince her that I really have already paid for this repair. I, of course, had to explain how debit cards work to mom in the email because it looks like it was a "Visa" payment but the debit card is a "Visa" debit card. My mom does not use debit cards. She thinks that they are evil or something. Yes, she is the older woman who is holding up the checkout line by writing a check for her groceries. LOL!!!!

Part of me wants to chew someone's fanny off at the HVAC company but really the damage is already done and there is no need to get irate with someone on the phone. I will probably never get to talk to the bozo who did this and let them know what I think of their lack of competence. I just need to get over this. I am just a very private person and my business is my business. If I share it that is one thing but if I don't then there is a reason.

The week that the a/c needed the repair was quite the stellar week at SageMoon Cottage. The a/c had to be fixed on Thursday and then on Sunday (Father's Day) our modem died and that had to be dealt with. To say things were a little stressful was an understatement. I did not need the extra stress of the HVAC company SNAFU. Bah!

I am hoping for a peaceful day in which I can get more work done and not have to deal with any unhappy surprises. I can always dream can't I, lol!



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